The Many Hats of a Quarantined Mother

Terra Stump, MS, BSN, RN-BC, is a Project Manager for Quality Insights' Measure and Instrument Development and Support (MIDS) project, but also a mother, a teacher, a chef, and so much more, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Since being quarantined, our extremely busy lives have slowed and allowed us to spend more time together. I realize now more than ever we have lived very fast-paced lives, running from one crowded gym, restaurant, theatre, birthday facility, or other place for activities to the next. Although I was home-based before the stay at home order and am well accustomed to working from home, in more recent days, as a result of COVID-19, I have taken on new home-based roles, such as teacher, chef, project planner and others as my children are out of school and we plan their day-to-day alongside of ours. 

In my new teaching role, I have turned our dining room into an art and homework table, moving art supplies directly into a corner of the room. We both have designated “offices” and they work as I do. We have enjoyed many art, science, and other projects together including cooking, indoor gardening, and creating bird houses. 

This pandemic is truly an awful time for everyone, but it’s also a blessing, as it has taught us to slow down, teach our children, and appreciate what we already have. I’ve taken this time to appreciate my home, job, family, and even community more and know this time will influence our future everyday lives for some time to come.

5/18/2020 12:00:00 AM | 1 comments


Lisa G
Absolutely! I am stressed every day but I try to remind myself what a blessing it is to have this extra time with my kids.
5/21/2020 8:54:10 AM
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