Better Care, Smarter Spending, Healthier People

Quality Insights has long been a go-to resource for providers and stakeholders seeking to improve quality. We can help identify the source of quality-related issues and offer solutions based on best practices, staff expertise and years of experience.

We provide educational resources and tools, baseline and ongoing performance data, collaborative learning opportunities, and one-on-one technical assistance. We also engage patients and families in the quality improvement process. 

Our provider and community-based projects impact key health priorities, including:
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Diabetes care
  • Appropriate use of antibiotics
  • Nursing home quality
  • Adverse drug events        
  • Avoidable hospitalizations and readmissions
  • Adult immunization rates
  • Appropriate opioid utilization
  • Care for chronic kidney disease


Collaborative Projects that Produce Results

Quality Insights’ initiatives are resulting in substantial improvements in care quality. The table below summarizes our most recent project successes.

Initiative Description Results

Care Transitions Project 

Established community coalitions and collaborated with 860 healthcare providers in 14 settings-- including hospitals, clinicians, nursing homes, and home health agencies—to reduce avoidable hospital readmissions
Reduction of 7,498 readmissions resulting in a cost savings to Medicare of $86 million
Nursing Home Initiative Recruited and supported 1,201 skilled nursing facilities in efforts to improve care for issues of prevalence among residents with Medicare
< 5,242 fewer beneficiaries on antipsychotic drugs; 

< 2,260 more getting flu shots
Home Health 
National Campaign
Partnered with home health agencies nationwide in broad-scale quality improvement initiatives 20,152 averted hospitalizations resulting in a cost savings of $221,672,000

Establishment of the nation’s first cardiac data registry for home health agencies


Customized Technical Assistance

In addition to collaborative projects, Quality Insights’ 360-degree support is guiding tens of thousands of clinicians seeking to successfully participate in CMS’ Quality Payment Program. 

Learn more:

Visit our project Web sites for the latest information and opportunities to participate and collaborate with our quality improvement programs.