West Virginia Medical Institute to Change Name to Quality Insights


The West Virginia Medical Institute (WVMI) announced today that it will become Quality Insights beginning January 1, 2017.  The name change aligns the entire company with its existing Quality Insights branded projects and emphasizes its commitment to measuring and improving health care quality.
“We are very proud of the achievements associated with the West Virginia Medical Institute name over the past 40 years,” Sven T. Berg, MD, Chief Executive Officer, said.  “Changing our corporate identity to Quality Insights reflects the expanded geographic footprint and the scope of the services resulting from those achievements.”   
WVMI is leading an array of state-based, regional and national quality improvement projects and has used the Quality Insights brand for many of them since 2000.  It also has branded projects as the Mid-Atlantic Renal Coalition and PA REACH, both of which will transition to the Quality Insights name as well.

Dr. Berg noted that aside from getting used to a new name, those who have known the company as WVMI, MARC or PA REACH will experience no other changes. “The name change only emphasizes the skills and resources available throughout our entire company,” Berg said.  “Customers and community partners can expect the same level of services and support and hopefully find new ways to collaborate with us.”