Quality Insights Helps Sponsor Recovery Walk


Community members, businesses and local organizations providing recovery services gathered today for an evening of awareness and celebration at the 2nd Annual “All Walks of Recovery” in Huntington.
The free, family-friendly event was held at the Marshall University Memorial Student Center Fountain and featured fun activities along with information on local initiatives and programs that address substance use disorder.
“We love having the community rally behind something that has affected not only our city but the entire nation,” said Deeidra Gravely, a PROACT* Therapist with Marshall Family Medicine and organizer of All Walks of Recovery. “This walk serves as a beacon of hope for those directly and indirectly affected by substance use disorder.”
* Provider Response Organization for Addiction Care and Treatment
The event promoted the theme that recovery is possible and launched a new multimedia Addiction is Treatable campaign, which features online advertising, billboards and messages from local media partners at Kindred Communications and Walk-FM.  
“The unique aspect of the Addiction is Treatable campaign is that we are using this effort to not only spread positive information, but also measure the messages and media that are most effective in combatting substance use disorder,” said Crystal Welch, Lead Project Coordinator with Quality Insights. “The research being conducted by Marshall Health’s Division of Addiction Sciences will analyze the ability of media and marketing tools to bring awareness to and/or alter public perception of a community health issue that is in need of change.”
Everyone is invited to participate in a brief online Addiction is Treatable survey at https://bit.ly/2k6L3QU. Participating will help shape future efforts to combat substance use disorder and features an opportunity to enter into a drawing to win one of 50, $100 Amazon gift cards.
In addition to Quality Insights, all Walks of Recovery sponsors included the Marshall University Collegiate Recovery Community and Marshall Health’s Division of Addiction Sciences.