Quality Insights to Support Fight Against Opioid Epidemic in Huntington, West Virginia


Quality Insights is making a major commitment to help fight the opioid epidemic in its home state by initiating a three-year strategic partnership with Healthy Connections, a Huntington, West Virginia-based coalition led by Marshall University and Marshall Health.

Quality Insights will donate $1 million of in-kind project management, web development, and marketing assistance, including the design and launch of a public awareness campaign aimed at connecting people with resources in the community. Quality Insights is devoting one full-time staff member for project management, along with a wide array of support services and resources.
The substantial support derives from Quality Insights’ top-level commitment to helping battle the opioid crisis’ negative impact on health and healthcare.

“As an organization committed to bringing people and information together to improve health, we recognize that helping combat this crisis is one of the most important activities we can undertake,” Sven Berg, Chief Executive Officer said.  “In addition to supporting Huntington, we hope to spread lessons learned and successful strategies to the other impacted communities and populations we serve.”

Berg commended the commitment and dedication of all of the community partners coming together and thanked West Virginia State Senator Robert Plymale for helping Quality Insights select an initiative with great potential for success and impact.

“As a lifelong community member and tireless advocate for interventions that address the opioid crisis here at home, I immediately recognized the synergy between Quality Insights’ strong desire to help and the needs we have in the Huntington area,” Plymale said. “I also realized that by uniting an organization with national reach with a group here in our state, our local successes would serve as a model for similar interventions across the nation.”