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WISEWOMAN Initiative


Patient Trainings

Quality Insights is excited to offer trainings specifically for the WISEWOMAN population!  Share these trainings with your patients for tips and guidelines for ways to improve their health both on their own as well as by working with you and their health care team.

  • Medication Adherence: This training emphasizes the importance of adhering to all prescribed medications for best outcomes by providing guidance on who and what can assist you in this process.

  • Partners for Good Health: This workshop focuses on teaching participants how to be active members of their health care team while also detailing their rights and responsibilities as a patient.

  • Medication Therapy Management (MTM): This training provides details about the WISEWOMAN program in Delaware, introduces pharmacist medication therapy management (MTM), and highlights some patient success stories related to MTM.

  • Nutrition 101: This workshop reviews the basics of food categories, provides examples of healthy food portions, reviews the new nutrition fact labels on food products, and also provides overviews of some of the programs available in Delaware that promote healthy living.

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