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Quality Insights developed electronic modules on a variety of topics related to women’s risk for heart disease and stroke.

All of these modules are packed with resources, links to educational events, videos, podcasts, and so much more.  Each module is available for download below.


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Heart Health Nutrition (2022)

A key component to living a heart-healthy life is eating a healthy diet.  This module takes a look at current dietary guidelines, plus features patient-friendly and culturally competent resources that can be used as educational tools.

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Medication Adherence (2022)

This module is designed to help medical providers and other health care professionals understand, assess, and address potential barriers to medication adherence, with a special emphasis on the WISEWOMAN population.

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Self-Measured Blood Pressure (SMBP) Monitoring (2022)

This module focuses on hypertension, especially among the WISEWOMAN population.  It  examines health equity, and highlights supporting evidence for SMBP monitoring as an intervention to control blood pressure.

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Physical Activity for a Healthy Heart (2022)

This module offers tools and resources to medical providers and other health care professionals to help improve access & sustainability of physical activity with a special emphasis on the WISEWOMAN population.

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WISEWOMAN, Healthy Woman (2021)

This module is designed to help providers identify, assess, and address the relevant health and social needs of patients in the WISEWOMAN population.

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Community Connections: Connecting Patients to Evidence-Based Programs (2021)

This module focuses on referrals to evidence-based lifestyle change programs to close the care loop through communication, medical care, self-management, and community connections.

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Motivational Interviewing (2021)

This module introduces motivational interviewing, a patient-centered communication style that clinicians have found to be effective in helping patients change unhealthy behaviors.

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Fundamentals of Patient-Centered Care (2021)

This module introduces the fundamentals of patient-centered care, including its benefits to both patients and clinicians.

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