West Virginia Certified Comprehensive Behavioral Health Centers Initiative (CCBHC)


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Whole-Person Care Coordination of Services Across Sectors Target Population Patient-Centered Care Collaborative Leadership Shared Data Financial Flexibility The West Virginia Department of Health & Human Resources (Department), Bureau for Behavioral Health (BBH) and the Bureau for Medical Services are leading the way to advance the Certified Community Behavioral Health Centers (CCBHCs) Model in WV. BBH is partnering with Quality Insights to provide technical assistance and guide West Virginia’s 13 participating Comprehensive Behavioral Health Centers and other behavioral health care providers towards CCBHC certification, transforming their practice workflows, and encouraging integrated, coordinated care.

The wide range of services Quality Insights is providing include leveraging the expertise of Bowling Business Strategies (BBS) to share effective strategies and resources that have led other states on successful journeys toward certification.

A Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) is a specially-designated clinic that provides a comprehensive range of mental health and substance use services. CCBHCs provide a comprehensive array of services needed to create access, stabilize people in crisis, and provide the necessary treatment for those with the most serious, complex mental illnesses and substance use disorders. CCBHCs integrate additional services to ensure an approach to health care that emphasizes recovery, wellness, trauma-informed care, and physical behavioral health integration. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Provision of 24/7/365 crisis care
  • On-site care coordination
  • Integrated health care
  • Tailored care for active-duty military and veterans


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CoE-IHS Office Hour: Improving the Workforce through Strategic Community Partnerships
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What is a CCBHC?

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Westbrook Health Services #Studio2121

Join Kevin and Mark as they have a conversation about behavioral health and legislative goals for the state of West Virginia.

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