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We provide free resources, tailored learning opportunities and hands-on technical assistance at no cost to health care providers. We also collaborate with communities and people with Medicare using data-driven initiatives and best practices that make communities healthier.


Areas of Focus

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Care Coordination

We help facilitate the appropriate delivery of health care services across care settings. We utilize community coalitions to help reduce avoidable hospital admissions, readmissions and emergency visits.


Chronic Disease Self-Management

We provide support and resources to help prevent or decrease the incidence of cardiovascular events, diabetes, chronic kidney disease and hypertension.



We help build system-level capacity for rapid response and provide resources to increase prevalence and rate of immunization at the local level for viruses like COVID-19, flu and pneumonia.


Nursing Home Quality

We support nursing homes in quality improvement efforts by providing access to scenario-based training and Project Firstline resources as part of the CDC's national training collaborative for healthcare infection control.

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Opioid Utilization and Misuse

We support health care providers, patients and community members in efforts to reduce opioid-related adverse drug events.


Patient Safety

We provide resources and assistance to health care providers in an effort to reduce adverse drug events, falls and harmful infections in patients.

Learning and Action Networks

Our Learning and Action Network (LAN) peer groups in Pennsylvania and West Virginia provide an opportunity for members to learn from subject matter experts and each other. Members can share successes, lessons learned and gain access to customized data reports showing their performance compared to national averages and more. 

We offer LANs for each of our focus areas. Contact us to learn more about joining a LAN.



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