Patients & Families

ESRD Networks help dialysis and transplant facilities improve the quality of care provided at dialysis units and transplant facilities. Quality Insights Renal Network 3 oversees the facilities in Network 3, which includes facilities in New Jersey, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Quality Insights can measure how well a facility is providing care to its patients by looking at patient lab values, or the number of complaints and grievances that Quality Insights has received about a facility. Sometimes we have dialysis facilities participate in projects to improve the quality of care in the dialysis unit. Facilities are required to cooperate with quality improvement projects if they receive payment from Medicare.

Quality Insights also assists patients with complaints or grievances they have with their dialysis facility. If you have a problem or complaint and do not want to discuss the issue with facility staff or have attempted to and not received a satisfactory resolution, call us at 1-888-877-8400 to discuss your concerns.