Patient to Patient Mentoring Program

Being a Patient Mentor

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Help Renal Patients Like Yourself. 

Offer positive role modeling to new patients and patients in need of support.  

Share your experiences and information on treatment options. 

Help patients understand the benefits of being involved in their care.

Encourage positive communication with the healthcare team. 

Step 1: Application 

All mentor candidates must complete an Application (English / Spanish). 

If you are a: 

  • Dialysis Patient: Your application must be vetted/approved by your dialysis facility. Once approved by the facility staff, it must be submitted to the Network 3 contact.

  • Kidney Transplant Patient: You must submit your completed application to the Network 3 contact.

Once your application is approved by the facility staff and/or Network 3 contact you must complete the following steps.

rights & responsibilities

Step 2: Create an account on the Kidney Learning Hub 

Mentors must create an account on the Kidney Learning Hub at

Step 3: Complete the Peer Mentoring Education Program 

Mentors must access the Peer Mentoring Education Program and Peer Mentor Role to take the required courses.

Mentors must complete all courses (1 - 3) below. 

1. Welcome to Peer Mentoring

Being a peer mentor is an important role. This course will tell you what you need to know to be a peer mentor.

Take This Course


2. Mentoring to Support Choices

In this course you will learn how to support your peer as he or she makes important decisions about treatment choices.

Take This Course


3. End Stage Renal Disease Overview

Understanding kidney disease can help empower patients to advocate for themselves. This course will build your knowledge about kidney disease.

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Must complete at least one course (4 - 6) below. 

4. Discussing Home Dialysis as an Option

This course will prepare you to talk with your peers about home dialysis as a treatment choice.

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5. Discussing Transplant as an Option

This course will prepare you to talk with your peers about kidney transplant as a treatment choice.

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6. New to Dialysis

In this course, you will learn about what to expect from your dialysis treatment and how to be an active member of your care team.

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Upon finishing the courses, patient mentors will be given Certificates of Completion. The certificates acknowledge that you’ve completed the necessary activities to be a part of the Network and Dialysis Facility’s Patient to Patient Mentoring Program.  

Your dialysis facility’s staff and Network contact will work closely with you to assist with this process. Once the educational courses are completed and certificates are provided you will then be ready to connect with other patients. 


When mentors are paired with patients, the mentor is to complete the following:

  • Confidentiality Waiver – for each patient you’re connected with:

English / Spanish  

  • Patient Mentoring Log - after each patient-to-patient connection:

English / Spanish

This document helps:

      • Measure activities of mentoring.

      • Assess mentoring outcomes.

      • Conduct proper follow-up.

Completed Confidentiality Waivers and Mentor’s Logs are to be shared with the facility staff and emailed or faxed to the Network 3 contact.


The resources below can be found on the Kidney Learning Hub and are designed to support peers in their mentoring relationship.


Frequently Asked Questions

Mentor Do's

Mentor Don'ts


Network 3 Contact

Yessi Cubillo
(609) 490-0310 ext.2431
Fax: (609) 490-0835

Patient Toll Free Line:
(888) 877-8400

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