Patient & Family Advisory Council

PFACLogo_Feb2021The Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC) assists Quality Insights Renal Network 3 (QIRN3) in promoting patient-centered quality care. It serves as the voice of the Network’s ESRD patient population, thereby expressing the concerns and needs of patients, family members and caregivers. The PFAC assists QIRN3 in understanding the issues facing kidney patients and executes interventions to impact positive changes within the dialysis community.  

For more details about QIRN3’s Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC), please refer to the Representative Guide and Application forms below. For more information please contact our Patient Services Staff.

PFAC SMEs: COVID-19 Developed Resources

Managing Kidney Disease during COVID-19: Patient Interviews


How can people support their mental health during the pandemic?

What do you feel is a positive way for dialysis patients to cope with the emotional challenges brought on by the pandemic? (¿Cuál cree que es una forma positiva para que los pacientes de diálisis puedan hacer frente a los desafíos emocionales que presenta la pandemia?)

What part of the pandemic has been the most challenging for you and how did you manage? (¿Cuál fue la parte más difícil de las nuevas reglas que tuvo que manejar durante la pandemia?)


How did you individually, or as a family, manage your stress during the pandemic? (¿Cómo manejaste individualmente, o en familia, el estrés durante la pandemia?)

What was the hardest part of stay-at-home rules for you/family and how did you deal with it? (¿Cuál fue la parte más difícil de las reglas de la cuarentena para usted / familia y cómo lidiaron con estas?)

  • Ana (Spanish)

What was your experience at your dialysis facility and how did you feel about any changes?

What was your most positive personal experience that came out of the pandemic? (¿Cuáles han sido sus experiencias personales más positivas que han surgido a resultado de la pandemia?)

  • Ana (Spanish)


How has the pandemic affected you and how do you think it will affect you when a vaccine becomes available?

What do you think will be some positive changes in the dialysis community brought on by the pandemic? (¿Cuáles crees serán algunos cambios positivos en la comunidad de diálisis a causa de la pandemia?)

What changes have you made that you plan to continue beyond the pandemic? (¿Hay algún cambio que hayas hecho debido a la pandemia que estas considerando continuar?)

Resources to Download

Download the latest issue of Kidneys R Us (December 2020), a Newsletter from the Patient & Family Advisory Council. Download the Spanish Edition of the December 2020 newsletter here.