Continuing Education

Additional Educational Opportunities

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

  • TeamSTEPPS- TeamSTEPPS® is an evidence-based approach to improve communication and teamwork among health care teams. TeamSTEPPS Master Trainers serve within their institutions to help prepare for, implement and champion the TeamSTEPPS teamwork approach. Those interested in learning more about TeamSTEPPS are encouraged to register for TeamSTEPPS online learning. Participants in the group-paced cohort have four months to complete 11 modules, watch three webinars and conduct a virtual “teach-back” session. Upon completion of all course activities, participants are certified as TeamSTEPPS Master Trainers. AHRQ’s subject matter experts are available throughout the course to assist participants with questions and challenges regarding implementation of teamwork initiatives in health care. Options are also available to take the entire TeamSTEPPS Master Training curriculum at a self-paced rate or to take individual parts of the TeamSTEPPS curriculum without becoming a Master Trainer.

  • Resources for Primary Care Practices- AHRQ offers continuing education (CE) and continuing medical education (CME) videos and articles on a range of health care topics including patient safety and patient-centered outcomes research findings. The CE/CME activities summarize reviews of evidence on the effectiveness and safety of treatments and strategies for improving patient care. Some of the available topics include:

    • Menopausal Symptoms: Comparative Effectiveness of Therapies

    • Pharmacotherapy for Adults with Alcohol-Use Disorders in Outpatient Setting

    • Treatment Strategies for Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease

    • Child Obesity Prevention Programs: Comparative Effectiveness

    • Treating Insomnia in Adults

These resources provide health care providers with skills and information to support individual decision making and patient management. The activities are available at no cost for CE/CME.

More Opportunities

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