How We Can Assist You

Quality Insights Renal Network 4 can assist individuals and providers/facilities in planning for an emergency or disaster by providing resources and direction to agencies that specialize in emergency planning and response. During emergencies, we will provide the following services:

  • Track and make available the open and closed status of facilities in affected areas

  • Assist patients and facilities in identifying dialysis facilities that can provide ESRD services.

  • Assist family members and treating facilities in determining the dialysis location of displaced patients in order to exchange critical medical information

  • Coordinate with providers and emergency workers to ensure patient access to dialysis

Disaster Contacts

Each facility must designate 2 Disaster Coordinators and provide their names and at least 2 telephone numbers at which each can be reached during an event. Facility representatives are required to report their open or closed status to the Network office as soon as possible. "Open" facilities are defined as facilities that have potable water, electricity from any source, and supplies and staff sufficient to provide dialysis, and that are performing dialysis. Anything less than this is considered "closed."

Patient & Provider Tracking

To determine the open or closed status of a dialysis facility in an impacted area and the services being provided, or to get a map showing the nearest open facility in the event of an emergency or disaster, go to

The KCER Coalition has developed a standardized emergency data set that facilities should produce and distribute to patients on at least a quarterly basis. This data set includes the patient's name, address, emergency contacts' information, home dialysis unit information, treatment information, and medications, and patients should be instructed to carry the information with them at all times in case they are displaced by an emergency event and must dialyze at a different facility. 

Kidney Community Emergency Response (KCER) Coalition

We are part of the National Kidney Community Emergency Response (KCER) Coalition, which has developed a number of tools and resources to assist providers, federal, state, and local emergency responders, patients, and patients' families in establishing emergency preparedness and response plans.