Access to Care

Quality Insights Renal Network 4 is responsible for facilitating patient-appropriate access to care. We will intervene, as appropriate, to resolve cases in which no dialysis facility can be located that will accept an ESRD patient for dialysis treatment or in which an ESRD patient is at risk for involuntary discharge, has been or will be involuntarily discharged, or has been or will be involuntarily transferred.

If we receive a grievance involving failure to place, involuntary discharge, involuntary transfer, or a patient at risk for involuntary discharge, we will immediately investigate to determine the facts of the situation, and any actions taken by the parties involved. We will facilitate communication between the grievant and facility staff. We will advocate for the patient while demonstrating objectivity in reviewing the facts of the situation. If attempts to resolve the grievance are unsuccessful and the facility continues to recommend discharge or transfer, we will remind the facility of its obligation to provide 30-day advance notice prior to discharge or transfer. We will also remind the facility they are required to assist with patient placement for both discharge and transfer placement.

Quality Insights will maintain a current list of local, state, and federal resources to use as referrals for ESRD patients and other grievants in need of assistance. At the patient’s request, we will provide a list of facilities in the patient’s geographic area. While it is not our responsibility to place patients in dialysis facilities, we will assist a facility with a challenging placement.

Patient-Only Phone Number: 800-548-9205

Patient Grievance Process Toolkit