Five-Star Rating System

Learn more about the Care Compare Star Rating System.

What is the quality of patient care star rating?

The star rating shows how well a dialysis center delivers care compared to the national average, based on Medicare data. Each dialysis center receives a rating between 1 and 5 stars, with 3 stars representing the national average. A five-star rating means a center has quality of care that is considered 'much above average' compared to other dialysis facilities. A one or two-star rating means that measured health outcomes for that center were below average. The star rating is part of Medicare's work to make data on the quality of patient care easier to understand and use. Patient survey results aren't included in the star rating.

Where does the star rating come from?

The Medicare program calculates star ratings using specific measure data reported by dialysis centers to Medicare. Unlike some ratings websites, consumers don't give star ratings directly to their dialysis care. Visit About the Data for more details on the methods used for the calculation.

How do I use the star ratings?

If you're new to dialysis, talk to your kidney doctor about what the ratings mean and how you can use them along with other information to help you choose a dialysis center. It may also be helpful to visit a dialysis center, tour the center, meet the staff, and ask questions. The Resources page provides a list of recommended questions to ask the staff at dialysis centers.

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