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ESRD Patient Orientation Packet (NEPOP)

The ESRD Patient Orientation Packet (NEPOPs) that ESRD patients receive containing orientation materials relative to their plan of care. NEPOPs are distributed through a collaborative effort among the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the Networks and the Network Coordinating Center (NCC).

ESRD NCC Patient Tools

Patient education tools are now available for download on the ESRD National Coordinating Center (NCC) website. Tools include information about kidney transplantation, treatment choices, infection prevention, and getting involved in your care. These tools were developed with the participation of the National Patient and Family Engagement Learning and Action Network (NPFE LAN) and include the patient's perspective as well as clinical expertise.

"You Can Live" Booklet

A booklet from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) that gives tips on treating kidney failure, making treatments better and living a healthier lifestyle. is the federal government website for comprehensive information about disability-related programs, services, policies, laws and regulations. The site links to thousands of resources from many different federal government agencies, as well as state and local governments and nonprofit organizations across the country.

Employment: A Kidney Patient's Guide to Working and Paying for Treatment

This brochure, developed by the Life Options Rehabilitation Program, supported by the End Stage Renal Disease Networks and administered by the MEI Institute provides insight into employment issues for kidney patients.

Kidney School is a comprehensive online education program for people who want to learn how to manage and live with chronic kidney disease (stages 3–5). It was developed to:

  • Offer up-to-date research-based information.

  • Help people learn what to expect and what questions to ask.

  • Provide the tools patients need to self-manage their care so they can stay healthier and keep doing the activities they enjoy.

Kidney School is a program of the non-profit Medical Education Institute, Inc. Since it was first launched in 2002, Kidney School has grown to become one of the largest chronic kidney disease (CKD) education programs in the world, and is recommended by dialysis professionals all across the U.S.

Living Well on Dialysis

This document from the American Psychological Association/DPC Education Center addresses ways to manage the emotions and stress that can be associated with being on dialysis.

"My Life, My Dialysis Choice"

This official government booklet explains the basics of Medicare, how Medicare helps pay for kidney dialysis and kidney transplants, and where to get help if you have permanent kidney failure.

National Kidney Foundation Website for Hispanic/Latino Cultural Concerns

The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) has created a new website addressing cultural concerns that Hispanic/Latino patients, donors, family, and friends may have about kidney transplantation, including cultural misconceptions, treatment options, steps to become a living donor, risks and benefits of donation, financial issues, and immigrant issues. The website is available in both English and Spanish.

Vision Center

This site provides information about eye exams for people with diabetes and diseases of the eye for people with diabetes.