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Quality Insights discusses Community Action Poverty Simulator (CAPS) in Huntington

Join Quality Insights Employees Natalie Tappe and Daniel Stiles as they discuss the importance of this event


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Quality Insights discussed its Community Action Poverty Simulator (CAPS) on WSAZ NewsChannel 3's First at 4 segment on Monday, January 15, 2024. 

Quality Insights partnered with the Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine to bring CAPS to Huntington, West Virginia.

The event is designed to give participants a firsthand experience of the challenges faced by individuals living in poverty and to promote poverty awareness, increase understanding, inspire local change, and transform perspectives.

During the simulation, participants take on the identity of a person experiencing poverty and worked together with a “family” of participants to live a simulated month in poverty.

“This simulation experience promotes poverty awareness, increases understanding, inspires local change and transforms perspectives,” said Natalie Tappe, RN project coordinator. "We hope that this event will encourage a more compassionate and informed perspective on poverty."

After the simulation, participants debrief as a group to discuss the daily struggles and difficult decisions faced by individuals living in poverty.

Watch the segment on WSAZ's website.

Watch the January 18 news coverage on the event.

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