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Quality Insights Showcases Expertise in Healthcare Quality Improvement at CMS Quality Conference 24

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In a display of thought leadership and commitment to advancing healthcare quality, Quality Insights' Board member Timmy Nelson and CEO Sven Berg, MD recently took the stage at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Quality Conference 24 in Baltimore, Maryland. Their presentation, titled "Improving Healthcare Quality: Beginning with the End in Mind," explored the core of what it means to transform healthcare through data-driven quality improvement.

The session illuminated the critical importance of envisioning the end goals in healthcare transformation, leveraging healthcare data strategically, and designing effective quality improvement processes to achieve meaningful outcomes.

“This is about clearly defining and pursuing targeted objectives,” remarked Berg. “By understanding ‘what’ we aim to achieve, guided by an understanding of the underlying ‘whys,’ we set the stage for impactful interventions with measurable success. This focus guides strategy and ensures alignment with overarching goals, driving meaningful improvements in healthcare outcomes.”

In parallel, Quality Insights' Senior Data Analyst, Dr. Sadiq Bouda Abdulai, and Director of Analytic Resources, Jill Manna, contributed their expertise in a session focused on "Medicare Beneficiaries Hospital Readmissions: Prevention and Cost Evaluation." Their analysis, using Medicare claims data from Pennsylvania and West Virginia from 2021 to 2022, offered groundbreaking insights into the cost implications of hospital readmissions for Medicare beneficiaries.

By employing a robust machine learning framework to eschew traditional parametric assumptions, their work promises to enhance the accuracy of cost estimations in healthcare, paving the way for more informed policy and practice decisions.

The CMS Quality Conference is renowned for its role in fostering quality, equity, and innovation within the healthcare sector. It serves as a crucial platform for healthcare leaders to share insights, strategies, and solutions to some of the most pressing challenges facing America's health system today.


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