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Quality Insights Staff

Staff Listing

The description section of each staff member highlights their area of responsibility. To contact a staff member, click the mail symbol to email or call 804.320.0004 and enter their extension.

Brandy Vinson

Executive Director

Medical Review Board, Network Membership, Media Inquiries, Contract & Outreach, Network relationships, ext. 2711

Andrea Moore, LMSW

Health Equity Specialist

Health Equity, Technical Assistance, ext. 2714

Heather Cecil

Outreach Coordinator & National Manager, 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program

5-Diamond Patient Safety Program, Continuing education, Educational events & webinars, QIA Deliverables, Personnel Updates, Websites, ext. 2712

Renée Bova-Collis, MSW, LCSW

Patient Engagement Specialist

Surveyor liaison, Technical assistance (non-clinical), Patient Advisory Committee, Patient Liaisons, Patient Engagement, Empowering Partners for Improved Care, At-risk patient management, ext. 2705

Phyllis Haas, LMSW

Patient Engagement Specialist

Grievances, Involuntary Discharges/Transfers, Quality Improvement Activities (Behavioral Health), ext. 2704

Amanda Morelli, MSN, RN

Quality Improvement Specialist

Quality Improvement Activities (Vaccinations), Community Coalitions, Technical Assistance, Infection Control, NHSN, ext. 2709

Katelynn Booth, MSN, RN

Quality Improvement Specialist

Quality Improvement Activities (Hospitalizations & Nursing Homes), Community Coalitions, Technical Assistance, ext. 2703

Elizabeth Nuschke, RD

Quality Improvement Specialist

Quality Improvement Activities (Home Dialysis & Transplant), Telemedicine, Community Coalitions, Technical assistance, ext. 2710

Alison Crittenden

Data Specialist

EQRS, Master Account Holders, EIDM/QARM, Facility Certification & closures, ext. 2707