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Mindful Pathways: A Behavioral Health Quality Improvement Activity (QIA)



Mindful Pathways is a Behavioral Health Quality Improvement Activity (QIA). The goal of this project is to increase remission of the diagnosis of depression and link patients who screen positive for depression to mental health services.


Perspectives: Treating Depression in Dialysis Patients Webinar (January 5, 2023)

Building Resilience: Strategies for Managing Mental Health and Kidney Disease

Reduce stigma of mental illness by:

  • Talking openly about mental health

  • Educate yourself & others

  • Share personal stories of mental illness

  • Be conscious of language

  • Don't use hurtful or derogatory language

  • Show compassion for people with mental illness

  • Speak out about stigma

The following resources will help dialysis facility staff gain a better understanding of mental illness.

Linked Resources 

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Understanding Depression in Kidney Disease

Common Warning Signs of Mental Illness

Working with African American Patients

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Working with Latino/a Patients

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PDF Resources