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Nursing Homes Quality Improvement Activity (QIA)

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Quality care for ESRD patients within the nursing home is crucial for their quality of life. CMS has designated two goals specifically related to patients who dialyze in a nursing home. The overall outcome is focused on the reduction of harm and improvement of patient safety in regard to peritonitis, hemodialysis catheter infections, and the incidence of blood transfusion. The Network will collaborate and provide support for nursing home facilities, patients, and other stakeholders to meet these national goals and improve the quality of care for the patients we serve.


  • Decrease hemodialysis catheter infections.
  • Decrease incidents of peritonitis.
  • Decrease the rate of patients that receive a blood transfusion.

If you need assistance locating resources in different languages, please contact a Network Quality Improvement Specialist.

Contact your state QIN-QIO to engage with Quality Improvement Specialists that support quality initiatives in the nursing homes where your patients reside:


Network 5 Contact:

Katelynn Booth, MSN, RN

Phone: (804) 320-0004 x2703


Use the resource library below to explore patient and provider resources.