Increasing HPV Vaccination Rates in Delaware

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HPV Vaccination is Cancer Prevention


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is estimated to cause nearly 35,000 cases of cancer in men and women every year in the U.S.  HPV vaccination can stop more than 32,000 of these cancers from ever developing by preventing the infections that cause those cancers.

The CDC recommends that all children ages 11–12-years should get the HPV vaccine series to protect them against cancers caused by HPV infections.

Quality Insights is partnering with the Delaware Division of Public Health in a statewide initiative to provide NO-COST education, training, and resources to health care practices in an effort to increase HPV vaccination rates. To learn more, please download the HPV project flyer.


What Quality Insights Offers:

  • Academic Detailing for Providers (Download this flyer to learn more.)

  • Data Reconciliation

  • Postcard Reminder Campaigns

  • Ongoing Technical Assistance

  • DelVAX Assistance

  • Individualized Education

  • Evidence-Based Workflow Modification Assistance

  • Proven Results

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Delivered Results & Benefits

  • 9.4 percent average increase in HPV vaccine initiation across engaged sites, with one practice achieving an 18 percent increase

  • 19.9 percent average increase in HPV up-to-date (UTD) vaccination for the 13-17 year old cohort, with one practice achieving a 24 percent increase

  • Increased understanding and utilization of DelVAX through onsite training

  • Adoption of evidence-based workflow modifications to ensure HPV vaccination is a priority

  • Tailored presentations and resources to meet your practice’s needs


Guidelines for Participation:

  • Designate an individual to act as the primary contact for Quality Insights

  • Actively participate in a staff training provided by Quality Insights

  • Serve pediatric/adolescent patients and provide adolescent immunizations

  • Share educational materials provided by Quality Insights with your staff and patients/parents

  • Currently report or develop a process to report immunizations to DelVAX  to comply with state law

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Don't Miss This Opportunity


Your participation in this work creates a foundation for your practice’s quality improvement efforts and prepares your practice for future value-based payment models.

If you are interested in participating in this program or would like more information, please email Elise Harry or call 267.453.9169.