Pennsylvania Pediatric Asthma Control


Below are some videos featuring easy-to-follow instructions for proper techniques for using different types of inhalers/inhaler components. 


Pequeños pasos para grandes mejorías. Cómo mantener el asma bajo control.

Aproximadamente 6.1 millones de niños padecen de asma en estados unidos. Muchos toman medicamentos para ayudarles a respirar mejor, algunos cuando lo necesitan y otros, diariamente. ¡El control del asma es la meta!



Small Steps to Big Improvements: How to get asthma in control.

Approximately 6.1 million children in the U.S. have asthma. Many take medicine to help them breathe easier, some when they need it and others every day. Asthma control is the goal! 



How to Use an MDI with a Mask

Watch this video from the Children's Hospital of  Colorado to learn the proper technique for using a facemask with an MDI and a spacer.  A facemask should be attached to the spacer for children who cannot coordinate pressing down on the MDI, inhaling, and holding their breath for a count of 10.



How to Use a Diskus® Asthma Inhaler

This video from the American Lung Association will demonstrate the correct way to use a Diskus® asthma inhaler.



How to use a Flexhaler® Asthma Inhaler

Watch this American Lung Association video to learn the correct way to use your Flexhaler® asthma inhaler.



How to Use a Twisthaler® Asthma Inhaler

This American Lung Association video will demonstrate how to correctly use a Twisthaler® asthma inhaler.