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Take advantage of CNE-eligible e-courses from Quality Insights at NO COST


EDISCO™ is your full service, one-stop shop for online continuing health care education and consulting from Quality Insights.  Over the past 45 years, Quality Insights has provided professional health care continuing education, timely and actionable data, peer-to-peer collaboration, and hands-on technical assistance to tens of thousands of clinicians across the continuum of care.

Now our services are available to you online and on demand through EDISCO™, which combines the experience and expertise of our dedicated team of employees and consultants with the responsiveness and flexibility you need to learn and grow your knowledge and performance.

Exclusive Access for Delaware Health Care Professionals

Quality Insights and the Delaware Division of Public Health have partnered to provide a series of interactive and engaging e-learning courses to the practices, health systems, and federally qualified health systems in Delaware.  These courses are currently being offered to our participating practices at NO COST.  Several of these e-learns offer continuing nursing education credits. 

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As a provider in Delaware, we encourage you and other members of your staff to complete one or more of the following courses:

Awareness to Action: Diabetes
Prevention and Management

This course provides an in-depth review of Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) with inclusion of diabetes prevention strategies.

 Download the course flyer here.

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Healthy Heart Ambassador - Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring

This course takes a deeper dive into the DE Healthy Heart Ambassador - Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring (HHA-BPSM) program.  Learn about the various tools & resources that are provided for each component of the program - PLUS - alternatives for referrals will be discussed so providers can select their preferred referral pathway to connect patients with HHA-BPSM.

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National DPP Coverage Toolkit Overview

This course provides an overview of the National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP)  Coverage Toolkit resources that support increased awareness and referrals into the National DPP lifestyle change program.

Download the course flyer here.

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Medication Therapy Management

Improving medication adherence is an important way to increase quality and reduce cost. Learn how collaborating with pharmacists to provide medication therapy management can greatly impact patient med adherence.

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Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

Learn how to expand the role of your care team and encourage enhanced communication with patients. 

Download the course flyer here.

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Actions to Improve Health Literacy

If you are striving to make your practice embrace diversity and reach all populations, this course is for you.

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Health Literacy

Helping Patients Quit Tobacco

In this 75-minute interactive online course, you’ll learn how to support your patients’ efforts to quit tobacco and improve their chances for success.

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HPV: Improving Vaccination Rates for Healthcare Professionals

Explore the current impact of HPV infections and cancers, current HPV vaccine recommendations, how to navigate barriers to HPV vaccination, and more.

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HPV vaccine

e-Course Access

You can access the EDISCO™ courses by creating an account.  If you haven't already signed up, please follow the steps below to set up your account:
  1. Go to the EDISCO website

  2. Click on the "Sign Up" button to create an account

  3. Create a Username and Password

  4. Enter this code: DEPHS

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Medication Therapy Management:

A Delaware Pharmacist's Perspective

Don't miss this podcast featuring Dr. Leslie Bawuah, PharmD who shares her experience partnering with a local medical practice to provide Medication Therapy Management (MTM) to patients with hypertension.  This is an evidence-based program sponsored by the Delaware Pharmacists Society, and is available to Delaware practices at no costListen to learn more.

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If you have any questions about course content, please contact your Quality Insights Practice Transformation Specialist.  For technical assistance with the learning platform, please email EDISCO@qualityinsights.org.