Increasing HPV Vaccination Rates in Delaware



e-Newsletter Archive


Quality Insights distributes a quarterly e-newsletter to participants in the Delaware Division of Public Health project to provide updates and easy access to articles, resources, and educational opportunities that will increase human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination rates in Delaware.

Below is an archive which includes past issues of our e-newsletter.

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HPV Vaccination: Recommendations and Scheduling Information

CLICK HERE to download the May 2023 e-newsletter highlighting the current HPV vaccination recommendations and scheduling information, understanding how SDOH impact HPV vaccination rates, and more.

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HPV Prevention Starts at Age 9

CLICK HERE to download the March 2024 e-newsletter featuring resources to support providers in their discussions with parents about HPV vaccination starting at age 9, plus much more!


HPV Vaccine Hot Topics

CLICK HERE to download the March 2022 e-newsletter featuring how to facilitate conversations with teens & parents about the HPV vaccine, and other hot topics.

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HPV Vaccination: Understanding Social Determinants of Health

CLICK HERE to download the June 2022 e-newsletter that focuses on social determinants of health (SDOH) as it relates to HPV vaccination.

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HPV Vaccination e-Learn, Impacts of COVID on HPV, and More

CLICK HERE to download the December 2022 e-newsletter featuring the new HPV Vaccination e-course from Quality Insights (with free CME/CNE), plus much more!