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Improving HPV Vaccination Rates in Delaware



HPV Podcasts

Want to hear from fellow health care providers about the experiences they've had working with the Quality Insights team on this initiative and the improvements they have made in their efforts to increase HPV vaccination rates?  Check out the podcasts below.

You can also download this HPV Vaccination - Podcast Flyer to share with your team.


Episode 1: Dr. Bryan Villar  Interview

Bayhealth Primary Care, Georgetown, DE

Learn how Dr. Villar and his clinician team have partnered with Quality Insights in an initiative to improve HPV vaccination rates in his practice. 



Episode 2: Ashley Istenes Interview

Bayhealth Medical Group

Ashley Istenes, RN, coordinates the HPV vaccination initiative in conjunction with Quality Insights on behalf of Bayhealth. In this interview, she shares how physician champions at Bayhealth received education and academic detailing from Quality Insights and then took this knowledge back to their practices to ignite efforts to improve HPV vaccination rates.




HPV Videos

Educating patients, and their parents, about the importance and safety of HPV vaccination is essential to increasing vaccination rates, thus preventing cancers caused by HPV infection later in life.  Below are two patient education videos that provide guidance and supporting evidence as to the efficacy of HPV vaccination.  Quality Insights encourages Delaware health care providers to share these videos with your patients.


The Vaccine Scene: Learn More About the HPV Vaccine

This fun video highlights important facts about HPV vaccination, such as the CDC's recommendation on who should get HPV vaccinations, the six cancer types that the vaccines protects against, at what age kids should be vaccinated, and much more.



HPV Vaccine: Cancer Prevention

In this video, parents discuss HPV vaccination and how it is the best way to protect their children from contracting HPV-related cancers such as cervical, anal, penile, vaginal, vulvar, and oropharyngeal.